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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Holidays are around the corner..... Relax let the lbs melt Away !!!

Summers come to an end, Falls around the corner, time to begin all those yearly rituals.

Vehicle maintainance :         oil Changes

                                           CK wiper Blades

                                           ck tire tread depth

                                            have vehicle winterized

                                            auto air filter replacement


home maintainance             seal windows with  plastic film

                                          remove leaves from yard, be sure to clean leaves out of gutters.. I always forget this one, then it ices up !!!!

                                           check your furnace filters


Ideas for Holidays  




Remember with the Holidays around the corner, do I really need to enjoy that desert ?  I'll admit I enjoy

Food, just like you; yet do I need that xtra piece ? 


Releasing holiday weight !!!

With the Holidays around the corner, many of us forget to relax and enjoy the holidays as  time to spend

with our loved ones. (FAMILY & FRIENDS ) .    When with your groups, try to control the amount of

calories you consume.  ( Do I need that xtra cookie ?) sure it would taste Good, yet, probably won't digest

too quickly (what time is it ?)  late night snacks can go right to your gut ....   Many gymes can provide an

answer for loosing weight !!!    Then again you could go to a dietician or some other specialist who could

help with control over the amount we intake.  Hey I'll admit, sometimes I will go back for seconds at

 birthdays, buffets, cookouts !!!     Yet holidays, do come around once a year, just try not to overindulge yourself ...  Remember you want to Eat lightly with each serving, for Taste only !!!